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About Us

What we do

Essential Pharma (EP) ensures the sustainable supply of low volume, difficult to manufacture but clinically well-established pharmaceutical products to patients. These branded and generic medicines form an essential part of the pharmacopeia and represent many therapeutic areas. The company is an important partner to healthcare providers by providing medicines that otherwise would not be available.

Essential Pharma has worked with many of the largest pharmaceutical companies and key national health service stakeholders to ensure the continued supply of these well-established medicines to patients in as many countries as possible since 2000.

Our business has always been driven by a desire to help patients continue to have access to the medicines they need. As our business continues to grow, we are committed to staying true to our founding principle of supporting patients with continued access to drugs.

The Company’s significant and sustained investment has ensured that many tried and tested lower volume pharmaceuticals, which are important for the wellbeing of patients across a variety of disease areas in many geographies, remain available on a sustainable basis at a fair price.  

We do this by:

  • Identifying medicines that are at risk of disappearing altogether in the near/mid-term, typically due to newer medical advances that benefit a greater number of patients

    Despite the presence of newer treatments, many of these older medicines are still relevant and important for a small number of patients, and Essential Pharma seeks to save these medicines from being lost to end users.

  • Investing significant resources to ensure continued regional stock of these medicines through locally licensed supply, or export where locally licensed supply is not possible

  • Collaborating effectively with pharma, manufacturing partners and regulators to achieve our goals


EP has a long and successful track record and operates in over 20 countries, including in the UK, EU, Asia and New Zealand, supplying a portfolio of over 150 essential therapies across 9 therapeutic areas. Essential Pharma’s products are manufactured to the highest regulatory standards at 8 sites in the EU and 2 sites in the USA.

The Company’s growth strategy is based around identifying and acquiring lower volume end of life-cycle products from larger pharma companies looking to streamline their product portfolios. This growth strategy is backed by Gyrus Capital, an investment firm dedicated to transformational investments in sectors with long-term sustainable growth, including healthcare.

Our history

The business was established in 1980 with its first retail pharmacy, offering longer opening hours and providing home deliveries, ensuring patients had easier access to the medicines they needed. The company grew in the 1990s, expanding into a wholesale business securing patient access to medicines in short supply and then into identifying, acquiring, and manufacturing medicines at risk of disappearing from the market. Since 2000, the business has continued to build its portfolio of clinically well-established products and has expanded its presence to more than 20 countries.

Essential Pharma Today

  • We operate in many markets, from the UK to New Zealand
  • We maintain long-term supply of over 150 medicines that span a broad range of clinical specialities
  • We manufacture in the most tightly regulated regions of the world to ensure the highest standards of quality; 8 manufacturing sites in the EU and 2 manufacturing sites in the USA

Essential Pharma is committed to continually improving its Environmental Social and corporate Governance (ESG) performance in the areas that are critical to our business and stakeholders:

  • Working ethically;
  • Offering fairly-priced products;
  • Supporting our employees; and
  • Playing our part on environmental issues

For more details, please visit our ESG section

Our values

Team work 
We work closely together, internally and externally, to achieve more productive results

We treat ourselves, our colleagues, our partners and the environment with respect, honesty and integrity

We recognise that trust comes from consistent and transparent behaviour over time

We give the best we can and constantly look for ways to contribute more to improve ourselves and the business

Our manufacturing sites

Essential Pharma’s products are manufactured to the highest regulatory standards at 8 sites in the EU and 2 sites in the USA.

We deploy significant working capital to enable us to hold extended levels of stock in order to ensure no disruption of supply for patients who need our medicines.