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Our growth strategy - Essential partnerships

Essential Pharma’s growth strategy centres on identifying and acquiring at-risk products, usually from larger pharmaceutical companies, across a range of therapeutic areas and geographies. 

We are always open to companies looking to streamline their product offering, recognising that Essential Pharma has an excellent track record of successfully acquiring lower volume, end of life-cycle medicines. In doing so, these clinically important therapies remain viable and sustainably available to those patients who need them most. The company’s depth of expertise and considerable experience ensures a smooth transfer of regulatory and technical processes to maintain continuity of supply. 

Essential Pharma currently operates in more than 20 countries, including in the UK, EU, Asia and New Zealand, supplying a portfolio of over 150 essential medicines across multiple therapeutic areas.

As part of our sustainable growth strategy, we are focused on ensuring we have a robust approach to managing environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance. For more details, please visit our ESG section.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with Essential Pharma, please contact

Our expertise

Essential Pharma is the best company for pharma companies to collaborate with to ensure that their at-risk products can continue to be made available to patients across the globe.

The company’s core areas of expertise are:

  • Managing and overcoming the barriers associated with product transfer of heritage medicines
  • Significant experience in achieving difficult technical updates and transfers into new manufacturing sites
  • Running efficient time-dependent processes by empowering a small, agile team of highly skilled decision makers
  • Managing life-cycle strategies of heritage medicines we have acquired by addressing large-scale changes in chemistry, manufacturing and quality control to assure compliance with today’s requirements